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Mission Statement

The Stockhornbahn AG is anxious to make the versatile offer in idyllic nature a unique experience for the guest. In doing so, it ensures the existence of the company, the safety of people and technology, and the advancement of employees. It is transparent towards the public. The company treats nature with care and resources are used responsibly. Synergies with partners and competitors are used sensibly.

Company purpose

We are the regional recreation area of the Bernese Pre-Alps with the most beautiful views of versatile offers and unique experiences.

Customers and guests

We offer our guests natural, customer-friendly, innovative offers and experiences. We cultivate a family hospitality and a high quality level at a competitive price-performance ratio.

Shareholders and financiers

With our profits we secure the long-term existence of our company. The relationship with our shareholders is based on trust and is transparent and personal.

Employees and management

We see ourselves as a reliable and social employer and motivate our employees to be highly customer-oriented. In a respectful and team-oriented working atmosphere, we challenge and encourage them with clear goals and regular training.

Partners and suppliers

We cultivate long-term relationships with business partners and suppliers on a commercial basis and want to be perceived as a fair and reliable company.


We know our strengths and act confidently towards our direct competitors. We are open to constructive cooperation and the use of synergies.

Public and society

We inform openly, honestly and transparently and are aware of our responsibility as an important regional economic factor and employer. We seek beneficial cooperation with the local population, the local communities, landowners and the alpine economy.

Environment and landscape protection

Our unspoiled landscape is the basis of our long-term existence. Accordingly, we treat the environment with consideration and responsibility.

Safety and technology

We ensure reliable, safe transport and an eventful stay for our guests by means of a well-considered investment policy, taking into account the requirements of the supervisory authorities.

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