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Along the summit trail you will see about 95 different plant species, each with a yellow name tag next to it. A real eye-catcher, even for those not interested in flora.

The nature trail is rebuilt every spring and the nameplates are redistributed along the trail. Depending on the year, new plants may also appear that were not present the year before.

The maintenance of the nature trail is taken care of by Peter Strasser, Vinzenz Maurer (president NGT) and Alfred Indermühle with great dedication.

The book "die bunte Pflanzenwelt des Stockhorngebietes" by W.Strasser is available for CHF 10.- at the valley station.

Flour Primrose

Flowering time: May-June

Height: up to 25cm

Light: partial shade

Hardy: yes

Propagation: medium

Growth habit: stem plant with basal leaf rosette

Soil: humus-rich, moist, calcareous

Solar anemone

Flowering time: March - August

Height: up to 30cm

Light: partial shade

Hardy: yes

Propagation: medium

Growth habit: flat spreading

Soil: dry

Spring Gentian

Flowering time: May - June

Height: up to 10cm

Light: sun

Hardy: no

Propagation: -

Growth habit: cushion-like stocky, flat, compact

Soil: well-drained, loamy-humic, nutritious, fresh

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