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It will take you only 20 minutes to reach the Stockhorn summit by cable car

Summer operation from April to November, winter operation from November to March. Ascents and descents every 30 minutes.


Estimated 8 June to November 15, 2020 every 30 minutes every day.

First tripLast trip
Erlenbach i.S.dep.07:50thereafter always :20 and :50 until16:50
Chrindidep.08:05thereafter always :05 and :35 until17:05
Stockhorndep.08:35thereafter always :05 and :35 until17:35
Chrindidep.08:50thereafter always :20 and :50 until17:50
Erlenbach i.S.arr.09:0017:55


18th of November 2020 to 20th of December 2020 Wednesday to Sunday every 30 minutes.

23rd of December 2020 to 28th of February 2021 daily every 30 minutes.

First tripLast trip
Erlenbach i.S.dep.09:20 1thereafter always :50 and :20 until16:20
Chrindidep.09:35thereafter always :05 and :35 until16:35

Stockhorndep.10:05thereafter always :05 and :35 until17:05
Chrindidep.10:20thereafter always :20 and :50 until17:20
Erlenbach i.S.arr.10:3017:30
1 On Sundays and public holidays, brunch trip at 08:50 hrs

During periods of high demand, extra departures every 10 minutes. Subject to timetable alterations.

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