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Our staff will make your excursion to the Stockhorn an unforgettable experience. The friendly ticket office staff will welcome you at the valley station and the helpful cableway personnel will ensure that you travel safely up to and down from the excursion mountain. In the Stockhorn Panorama Restaurant and Restaurant Chrindi, our obliging gastronomy team will pamper you.


Alfred Schwarz, Managing Director Kurt von Allmen, Cableway and Technical Manager Michael Künzi, Marketing manager Christine Straubhaar, Head of Administration Rosmarie Thönen, Restaurant Manager


Martha Brügger, administration Marlene Gafner, administration Karin Rindlisbacher, administration Gisela Scherwey, administration Kathrin Egli, accounts department Christine Erb, housekeeping middlestation Franziska Weibel, housekeeping Hansruedi Grossen, allrounder Andrea Stryffeler, laundry

Cableway operations

Beat Aeschbacher, vice cableway and technical manager Jakob Gafner, vice cableway and technical manager Franz Grossen, cableway Willi König, cableway Heidi Küng, cableway Hans Künzi, cableway Lukas Lauber, cableway Peter Steiner, cableway Kushtrim Zenuni, cableway


Christian Bieri, Chef de cuisine Therese Schwendimann, Chef de Service Therese Berger, restaurant Käthi Beyeler, restaurant Ursula Brunner, restaurant Werner Eigenmann, restaurant Yvonne Gierth, restaurant Barbara Haldi, restaurant Steffi Hartmann, restaurant Eliane Karlen, restaurant Nelly Kupferschmied, restaurant Kathrin Mani, restaurant Monika Messerli, restaurant Kathrin Schmid, restaurant Barbara Teuscher, restaurant
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