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Technical aspects of the Stockhornbahn

The aerial cableway on the Stockhorn was constructed in two sections, with the option of transferring at the Chrindi middle station. Find out a little more about the engineering, performance and capacity of the cable car.

The Stockhornbahn is one of 128 cable cars in Switzerland. Seen technically, two balancing cabins travel continuously between the valley and summit station.


Aerial cableway 1st Section Erlenbach-Chrindi (middle station)

Capacity 60 people per cabin
Travel time 9 minutes, max. 7 m/s
Commissioned 1968
Length 2787 m
Transport capacity 360 people/hour per travel direction
Drive unit output 345 kW, Ward-Leonard Control
No. of supports 7, largest ground clearance 80 m
Balance weight 80 tonnes for main cable
Mast stops Oberberg and Chlusi

Aerial cableway 2nd Section Chrindi (middle station)-Stockhorn

Capacity 30 people per cabin
Travel time 5 minutes, max. 6 m/s
Commissioned 1969, drive unit replacement 2003
Length 1221 m
Transport capacity 330 people/hour and travel direction
Drive unit output 73 kW, AC motor frequency converter
No. of supports 1, largest ground clearance 170 m
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