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Alpine flowers in the Stockhorn area

Important Hints:

  • Book "Die bunte Pflanzenwelt des Stockhorngebietes" by W. Strasser is available for CHF 10.00 at the valley station.

Explore the beautiful flora of the Stockhorn area on the shortest hike to the Stockhorn. Along the summit path there are about 95 yellow name plates in the floral splendour. The signs are inscribed with the German and Latin flower names.

A fascinating variety of flora and fauna which can be seen shortly before the summit. Also for not flora-interested people an eye-catcher worth.

Starting point: Stockhorn mountain station

Walking time: 7 minutes

Information on maintenance:

The nature trail is restacked every year and during spring, summer and autumn the name plates are adapted and repositioned. Depending on season and blossoming, new/other flowers and shrubs appear.

Peter Strasser, Vinzenz Maurer (President NGT) and Alfred Indermühle are responsible for the maintenance of the nature trail.

Feldenzian | Frühlingsenzian | Immergrünes Felsenblümchen

Photos of all flowers by Vinzenz Maurer

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