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Stockhornbahn AG
Kleindorf 338A
CH-3762 Erlenbach i. S.
Tel. +41 33 681 21 81
Fax +41 33 681 21 25
Email address [email protected]

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Stefan Schmid
+41 33 681 21 81
[email protected]
Kurt von Allmen, Cableway and Technical Manager

Cableway and Technical Manager / vice CEO

Kurt von Allmen
+41 33 681 24 18
[email protected]

Marketing Manager

Christine Straubhaar, Head of Administration

Head of Administration

Christine Straubhaar
+41 33 681 21 81
[email protected]
Rosmarie Thönen, Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

Rosmarie Thönen
+41 33 681 14 81
[email protected]
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