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The fascinating sport of rock climbing with fantastic views

The compact limestone rock face on the south-eastern side of the Stockhorn offers ambitious rock climbers a wide selection of climbing routes with breathtakingly-beautiful views. Different rock-climbing sectors are situated near the summit, and in the vicinity of the Chrindi middle station and are all easy to reach. Whether for beginners or advanced climbers – the rock-climbing park on the Stockhorn has routes in every degree of difficulty.

Important Hints:

  • "Kletterführer Stockhorn" (Stockhorn Rock-Climbing Guide) by M. Tschumi is available for CHF 5.00 from the valley station.

The aerial cableway will take you to the climbing park on the Stockhorm with beautiful vistas across the Bernese Alps and the turquoise-coloured Lake Thun. This diverse rock-climbing region offers 12 sectors with over 120 climbing routes of difficulty grades from 2 to 7.

The starting points are easy to reach: from the summit station in only 2 to 10 minutes and from the Chrindi middle station in approx. 20 minutes. The majority of the climbing routes are south and south-east facing.

Ledge climbing on the compact limestone rock face allows the magnificence of nature and the rocky cliffs to be experienced in a unique way. Deep runnels, honed to an impressive smoothness by nature and extremely craggy, in part, steep rock face sections make this climbing region so fascinating and particularly diverse.

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