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Walking amidst an idyllic natural setting with stunning vistas

Explore the hiking and walking destination that is the Stockhorn: a picturesque natural setting with breathtaking views. Our maintained and well-signposted walking trails offer the perfect conditions for enjoyable walking and hiking. Whether for children or senior citizens, all of our trails are walkable with ease. Discover our informative "Habitats on the Stockhorn" nature trail with the entire family and with friends - and have lots of fun in the process.

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From an effortless walk through to a demanding mountain hike, the walking region on the Stockhorn offers something for every visitor. Stroll around both of the Hinterstockensee and Oberstockensee mountain lakes or enjoy the magnificent views of the surrounding mountains, lakes and right into the Bernese Central Plateau on one of the popular walking trails leading to the Stockhorn summit.

Together with your family and children, become acquainted with nature in the Stockhorn region. Our adventure and flower nature trails are packed with interesting surprises. We'll be delighted to provide you with several hiking suggestions to help you plan and make the most of your excursion.

Hiking trails in the Stockhorn region

Nr. 1: Stockhornbahn Top Station-Stockhorn Summit

7 min up, 5 min down.

50 m difference in altitude.

Nr. 2: Stockhorn-Stockenfeld-Oberstockenalp

Ideal as well for families.

1 h 30 min up / 45 min down.

-358 m difference in altitude.

Nr. 3: Oberstockenalp-Hinterstockensee-Chrindi

Cosy Hiking.

1 h 20 up, 45 min down.

-365 / +52 m difference in altitude.

Nr. 4: Stockhorn-Strüssligrat-Oberstockenalp

2 h up, 1 h down.

-358 difference in altitude.

Nr. 5: Stockhorn-Chummli-Oberbärgli-Chrindi

Interesting and rarely done alternative.

1 h 45 min up, 1 h 15 down,.

-540 / -28 m difference in altitude.

Nr. 8: Chrindi-Hinterstockenalp-Chrindi (loop way Hinterstockensee)

With one bridge an two tunnels - ideal for families (also doable with children's push chair).

40 min.

85 m difference in altitude.

Nr. 10: Chrindi-Chlusi-Erlenbach

The direct way down to Erlenbach.

3 h up, 1 h 35 min down.

-907 m difference in altitude.

Nr. 11: Chrindi-Vorderstockenalp-Oberstockensee-Oberstockenalp-Hinterstockensee-Chrindi (nature trail "Habitats on the Stockhorn")

Nature trail "Habitats on the Stockhorn".

2 h 45 min.

350 m difference in altitude.

Brochure (pdf):

(PDF, 6 MB)

Winter walking trails/Snow-shoe trails

Snowshoe-trail Cheibehorn TOP

Wonderful snowshoe-trail with unique round-view from the middle station "Chrindi" to tzhe top of mount "Cheibehorn" and back.

Snowshoe-trail Oberstockenalp

Easy signed-out Snowshoe-trail from the middle station "Chrindi" to "Oberstockenalp" and back.

Winter hiking trails Hinterstockenalp

Easy hiking trail from the middle station Chrindi to Hinterstockenalp and back.

Hiking time approx. 40 min.

Winter hiking trail "Oberbärgli"

Wonderful winter hiking trail in beautiful nature.

Snowshoe-trail Cheibehorn ROUND

A varied snowshoe trail with a summit experience and grandiose panoramic view.

Climbs to the Stockhorn

from Blumenstein: Blumenstein/Pohlern-Chrümmelwäge-Walalp-Stockhorn

4 h 50 min.

+1'603 / -91 m difference in altitude.

from Därstetten: Därstetten-Sulziallmi-Oberi Looheren-Wildenstein-Stockhorn

5 h 40 min.

+ 1'698 / -275 m difference in altitude.

from Gurnigel: Gurnigel-Leiterenpass-Walalp-Stockhorn

Wonderful panoramic hiking trail with spectacular views.

4 h 30 min.

+ 923 / -331 m difference in altitude.

from Reutigen: Reutigen-Längenberg-Steinig Nacki-Stockhorn

5 h 15 min.

+1'669 / -111 m difference in altituide.

from Wimmis: Wimmis-Simmenfluh-Heiti-Steinig Nacki-Stockhorn

Only for hikers free from giddiness!

6 h 15 min.

+1'792 / -237 difference in altitude.

from Ringoldingen: Ringoldingen-Nidfluh-Balzenberg-Vorderstockenalp-Stockhorn

5 h.

+1'596 / -129 m difference in altitude.

ab Weissenburg: Weissenburg-Weissenburgbad-Beret-Walalp-Stockhorn

5 h.

+1'485 / -88 m difference in altitude.

from Oberwil: Oberwil-Morgetepass-Walalp-Stockhorn

Longest way up.

8 h 10 min.

+2'011 / -667 m difference in altitude.

from Erlenbach: Erlenbach-Tal-Chlusi-Chrindi-Chummli-Stockhorn

Shortest way up without using the cable car.

4 h 20 min.

1'514 m difference in altitude.

from Oberstocken: Oberstocken-Vorderälpital-Baachegg-Stockhorn

Direct way up from Stockhorn's north side.

4 h 15 min.

1'495 m difference in altitude.

from Oey-Diemtigen: Oey-Latterbach-Allmenden-Müllersboden-Steinig Nacki-Stockhorn

5 h 15 min.

+1'625 / -116 m difference in altitude.

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