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Did you find the information you were looking for on our website? We hope so. If not the following answers on frequently asked questions may help you. In case of further irritation it will be a pleasure for us to answer your questions either in an email or on telephone.

What does a return trip to the Stockhorn cost?

CHF 60.00 to Stockhorn, CHF 42.00 to Chrindi.

Is the Half-Fare travelcard valid?

Yes; there is a 50 % discount.

Is the GA valid?

Yes; there is a 50 % discount.

Is the junior/child ticket valid?

Yes; children up to 15.99 years of age with a Junior/Child Ticket travel free of charge when accompanied by at least one parent/grandparent.

When does the cable car go up in the morning?

07.50 in summer, 08.50 in winter.

What time does the last train go down in the evening?

17.35 in summer, 17.05 in winter.

Are there evening rides?

Yes, on selected Fridays (Alpenglanz-Znacht) and on certain Saturdays (theme evenings, moonlight dinners). In winter every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Chrindi (fondue fun in the igloo).

How often does the train run?

Every 30 min, always x.20 and x.50.

How long does a trip take?

Erlenbach-Chrindi 9 min, Chrindi-Stockhorn 5 min, Erlenbach-Stockhorn with change 20 min.

My voucher has expired. Can I still use it?

Yes, after 2 years from the date of issue, the voucher will still be accepted as a means of payment at the equivalent of the printed franc amount. Price adjustments made in the meantime must be accepted. This does not apply to vouchers sponsored or given away by the Stockhornbahn (imprint CHF 0.00).

Is the Stockhornbahn also operating in winter?

Yes, from mid-November to mid-December each Wednesday to Sunday, from mid-December to the end of February each day.

When is the Stockhorn cable car in operation in spring?

In each case from 17 april 2021.

Until when is the Stockhorn cable car in operation in autumn?

In each case until the beginning of November (2021: 14 November).

When does the winter season start?

Mid November each year (2021/22: 17 November).

Until when is the Stockhornbahn in winter in operation?

Until the beginning of March (2022: 6 March).

Is it possible to stay overnight on the Stockhorn?

No. In summer, the Stockhorn area offers the mountain guesthouse Oberstockenalp with 30 dormitory places and three starch beds.

Do I need a fishing license to fish in the Stocken lakes?

Yes, this can be bought for CHF 22.00 at the cash desk in the valley station.

Is it possible to rent fishing rods?

Yes, at the middle station Chrindi.

Can you buy bait for fishing?

Yes, bee maggots can be purchased at the Chrindi middle station.

How long is the hike from Stockhorn to Chrindi?

Uphill about 2 h, downhill about 1.5 h.

How long is the hike from Chrindi to Erlenbach?

Uphill about 3 h, downhill about 1.5 h.

Is the circular trail around Hinterstockensee suitable for baby carriages?

Yes, for strollers with large, air-filled tires (no buggies).

Are there launching possibilities for paragliders?

Yes, near the Stockhorn panorama restaurant.

Is there a via ferrata?


Is there a climbing garden?

Yes; various equipped climbing routes near the Stockhorn Panorama Restaurant and below the Chrindi middle station. Climbing

Is it possible to rent snowshoes?

Yes, at the middle station Chrindi. Snowshoeing

Are there signposted snowshoe trails?

Yes, four trails from the middle station Chrindi. Snowshoe trails

Is it possible to rent skates?

Yes, at the middle station Chrindi.

Are there signposted winter hiking trails?

Yes, two prepared paths from the middle station Chrindi. Winter hiking

Can you go ice fishing in winter?

Yes, every year from the beginning of January on the frozen Hinterstockensee. Ice fishing

Is there a combined offer with lunch?

Yes, the AlpKultur Kulinarik-Trail (available approx. mid-June to mid-October).

Are there any other discounts in addition to the Half-Fare Card and GA?

Not generally. However, there are sometimes special offers for a limited period of time where you can enjoy special discounts as a member of certain organizations. In addition, holidaymakers with their guest card can enjoy a reduction of 20%.

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